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Fish Farming Books

Fish farming is a business that requires specific knowledge, skills, and careful monitoring. It is a successful venture globally. We have compiled a collection of helpful books and guides about fish farming to help you understand how to run a profitable fish farm. The collection includes guides on fish farming, shrimp farming, pond construction, spawn production, and more. All books are accessible, downloadable, and printable. To download a book, click on the relevant link. Please share this page with others so that they, too, can benefit from these resources.

1. What is Fish Culture?

2. Shrimp Farming Guide

3. A Brief Guide To Fish Farming

4. Fish Farming Business Planning

5. Spawn Production of Common Carp

6. Fish Diseases Diagnosis & Treatment

7. How to Do Spawn Production in Hapas?

8. How To Select & Construct Ponds for Fish Farming?

9. Growel Guide to Fish Ponds Construction & Management

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