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Growel Agrovet Private Limited specialises in developing, manufacturing, exporting, and marketing premium quality animal healthcare products and veterinary medicines for livestock and poultry. Our product range is designed to ensure the optimum health, growth, and productivity of pets, poultry, dairy cattle, horses, aqua, pigs, sheep, and goats.

Our company’s “Commitment to Quality” totem underscores our dedication to providing superior veterinary products.

We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality, performance, and efficacy, and we have earned the trust of millions of veterinarians, livestock owners, pet owners, and veterinary product distributors worldwide.

Veterinary Products Category

Dog Supplements, developed by Growel Agrovet is about the simple principle that your dogs & cats are just as physiologically complex and need nutritional supplementation as humans. Of course, dogs’ & cats’ dietary needs aren’t the same as those of humans

Growel Agrovet has developed high-quality healthcare products that cater to the unique needs of dogs and cats, promoting longer, healthier, and happier lives.


At Growel, we take pride in producing top-notch animal healthcare products, veterinary medicines, and supplements for pets, poultry, cattle, and aquaculture. We are committed to expanding our reach and impact, which is why we offer exciting franchise and distribution opportunities at the national, state, and district levels across the globe. If you are passionate about animal health and wellness, we invite you to join us as a Growel veterinary franchisee.

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Welcome to Growel Review, where we showcase the invaluable feedback of our esteemed customers who have used Growel’s Pet, Poultry, Cattle and Aqua healthcare products and veterinary medicines.

Please take a moment to hear from our loyal customers and learn about their experiences with our high-quality products and exceptional services. With Growel, you can trust that your pets, poultry, cattle and aqua are in good hands.

Welcome to the Free Veterinary Books section, a unique collection of practical literature on Pet Care, Poultry Farming, Aquaculture, Cattle Farming, Sheep, Goat and Pig Farming. We also offer Livestock Farming Guides in Hindi & Nepali Language, information on the NABARD Scheme and a wide range of Veterinary Books and literature. We hope you find our collection valuable and informative.

Dairy Farming Guide is a collection of free dairy farming e-books & guides, which is downloadable free of cost. Renowned dairy technologists and veterinarians write these dairy farming guides & e-books. In these dairy farming e-books, all aspects of dairy farming.
Dairy Farming Books
The fish farming guide section is a collection of guides related to the basics of fish farming, shrimp farming, pond construction for fish farming, spawn production, etc. All books are accessible, downloadable & printable; you need to click on the relevant book, and it will be downloaded.
Fish Farming Books
Goat & Sheep Farming Guide is a compilation of goat & sheep farming free books & guides for the benefit of goat & sheep farmers, veterinarians and those who are involved in the goat & sheep farming business.
Goat & Sheep Farming Books
NABARD Project Guide is a collection of NABARD Poultry Farming Project, NABARD Dairy Farming Project, NABARD Sheep Farming Project, NABARD Pig Farming Project, NABARD Pig Farming Project & other related NABARD Projects in Hindi & English language.
NABARD Project Guides
Pig Farming Guide is a collection of free pig farming books & guides for the benefit of pig farmers, veterinarians and those involved in the pig farming business.
Pig Farming Books
The Poultry Farming Guide section is an excellent collection of poultry books & literature for the welfare of the poultry farming community.
Poultry Farming Books
The veterinary Guide section is a collection of general veterinary free books; these guides and books are helpful for everyone related to the veterinary profession.
Veterinary Books
पशुपालन और मुर्गीपालन से सम्बंधित पुस्तिकाओं का संग्रह है ।यहाँ उपलब्ध सभी पशुपालन और मुर्गीपालन पुस्तिका डाउनलोड और प्रिंट किये जा सकतें हैं । जो भी पशुपालन और मुर्गीपालन पुस्तिका आपको डाउनलोड करनी हो ,बस उस पुस्तिका के नाम पर क्लिक करें और पुस्तिका डाउनलोड हो जायेगी।
पशुपालन और मुर्गीपालन पुस्तिका
नेपाली मा पशुपालन पुस्तिका, किसानहरू को फाइदा को लागि हामीले नेपाली भाषामा नेपाली पशुधन पुस्तिका तयार गरेका छौ।यि सबै पशुपालन सम्बन्धि पुस्तिका डाउनलोड योग्य र मुद्र्रण योग्य छन।
नेपाली मा पशुपालन पुस्तिका
Pet Care Guide is a collection of the rare and best guides & books for your loving pet & dog, free and downloadable.
Pet Care Books
मुर्गियों में CRD के लक्षण,कारण और उपचार
Press Articles

मुर्गियों में CRD के लक्षण,कारण और उपचार लेख ,( Poultry Square )पोल्ट्री स्क्वायर पत्रिका के जनवरी – २०२० अंक में प्रकाशित.

मुर्गियों में CRD के लक्षण,कारण और उपचार लेख,( Poultry Square ) पोल्ट्री स्क्वायर पत्रिका के

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जाड़े के मौसम में मुर्गीपालन कैसे करें
Press Articles

जाड़े के मौसम में मुर्गीपालन कैसे करें ? लेख , ( Poultry Square )पोल्ट्री स्क्वायर पत्रिका के दिसम्बर -१९ अंक में प्रकाशित.

जाड़े के मौसम में मुर्गीपालन कैसे करें ? लेख , पोल्ट्री स्क्वायर पत्रिका के दिसम्बर

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