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Broiler Poultry Medicine Schedule Chart

poultry medicine chart

poultry medicine chartPoultry Medicine Chart for broiler poultry is meant for healthy and profitable farming. Apart from good quality feeds and chicks and following bio-security rules, a proper poultry medicine schedule and method are required for broiler poultry farming profitability. Different medicines and supplements are needed in broiler poultry farming at different age stages. The growel broiler poultry medicine list is time-tested worldwide.

Benefits of following Growel’s Medicine Schedule Chart:

  • Each bird’s extra weight gains from 200 gm. to 300 gm. over and above the current weight you are getting.
  • Better immunity, slightest fear of disease outbreaks, least or no mortality.
  • 25% better FCR.

Please find the broiler poultry medicine schedule chart developed by Growel as follow:

Growel’s Medicine List for Broiler Poultry

  1. Viraclean: The shed should be cleaned three days before birds come, and Viraclean should be regularly sprayed inside and outside the shed for three days. All feeders, drinkers & equipment should be washed with Viraclean solutions twenty-four (24) hours before the birds reach the farm. Once birds go to the shed, Viraclean should be sprayed regularly inside and outside the shed three times a week.
  2. Aquacure: Aquacure should be mixed regularly with drinking water. Medicines should also be given with Aquacure treated water.
  3. Electral Energy: After birds reach the farm, Electral Energy must be given on the first and second day in the morning. It should be given regularly in summer or during any stress.
  4. Respiratory Herbs: Respiratory herbs should be given as a preventive dosage from the third to the sixth day. The preventive dosages of Respiratory Herbs should be one ml. for 100 birds. Under the condition of CRD and E-Coli, the dosages should be 5-10 ml. for every 100 birds till recovery.
  5. Amino Power: Amino Power should be given from the first day to the twelfth day. From the first day to the sixth day in the evening and from the seventh day to the twelfth day in the morning. For faster growth and better immunity, Amino Power should be given regularly.
  6. Grow B-Plex: Grow B-Plex should be given from the thirteenth day to the eighteenth day in the morning.
  7. Growlive Forte: Growlive Forte should be given from the nineteenth day to the twenty-fifth day in the morning.
  8. Grow Cal –D3: Grow Cal-D3 should be given from the twenty-sixth day to thirty- second day in the morning.
  9. Grow E- Sel: Grow E-Sel should be given from thirty- third day to the fortieth day in the morning.

Special Notes:

  • This poultry medicine list is for around forty to forty-five days (40-45) for broiler farming. The medicine’s schedule can differ from one to three (1-3) days. Kuroiler and other breeds of birds should follow the exact schedule; only the dosages should be stretched, accordingly total no. of rearing days. For example, suppose that you are rearing Kuroiler birds for eighty days; then the medicine you give to the broiler for 12 days should be given for 24 days.
  • For best results, Growel poultry medicine should be given from day one. Medicine should be given preference in the morning.
  • If two medicines are given on the same day, one should be given in the morning and one in the evening.
  • The water should be mixed with medicines so much that all water-mixed medication should be consumed at the earliest possible time, approximately within 2-3 hours.
  • Always take care that medicines should not be wasted or left in a drinker or feeder. First, shake well all liquid medicines before every use, then mix the medicines properly with feed or water.

Download the Poultry Medicine List PDF

The proper method of feeding poultry medicine chart as per schedule:

  1. Medicine mixed water should be kept only that bird should drink it within two to four hours.
  2. Always take care that medications should not be wasted or left in a drinker or feeder.
  3. For a better result, follow the medicine chart schedule from day one.
  4. Usually, try to feed the medicines in the morning.
  5. Shake well all liquid medicines before every use.
  6. Then, mix the medication properly with feed or water.
  7. Keep sufficient drinkers and feeders.
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Broiler Poultry Medicine Schedule Chart.


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