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Chelated Petomin Plus: Powerful Chelated Minerals for Dog & Cat


Benefits of Chelated Petomin Plus :
  • Chelated Petomin Plus is a blend of chelated minerals better absorbed by dogs and cats.
  • It helps to overcome minerals and amino acid deficiency in dogs and cats.
  • It improves semen quality in male breeders and fertility in female breeders, boosting reproduction performance.
  • Chelated Petomin Plus improves growth, mass body weight, and carcass quality in dogs and cats.
  • It improves bone and skeletal abnormality and coat quality in dogs and cats.
Composition: Each 100 ml contains
  • MHA : 26 gm
  • Choline Chloride : 13 gm
  • Lysine Hydro Chloride : 13 gm
  • Sodium : 90 mg
  • Phosphorus : 31 mg
  • Magnesium : 119 mg
  • Zinc : 44 mg
  • Ferrous (Iron) : 45 mg
  • Copper : 32 mg
  • Cobalt : 42 mg
  • Manganese : 77 mg
Dosages : Adult Dogs and Cats:
  • 5 ml twice a day.
Pups and Kittens:
  • 2 ml twice a day.
Packaging: 100 ml & 200 ml
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