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Electral Energy – Electrolytes for Pigeons with Vitamins, Minerals & Probiotics

Benefits of Electrolytes (Electral Energy) for Pigeons:
  • Electral Energy is a water-soluble, high-performance electrolyte for racing pigeons.
  • Electral Energy's specially selected blend of electrolytes and minerals in recovery supplement for pigeons ensures balanced hydration in tissues and organs, helping to promote faster healing.
  • Electrolytes (Electral Energy) replace essential fluids lost during racing and training.
  • Electrolytes (Electral Energy) are effective for optimum health and maximum benefits during molting, breeding, and racing.
  • Electrolytes (Electral Energy) are an invaluable aid to recovery with a very rapid return to peak condition.
  • Electrolytes (Electral Energy) are immunity-building and pathogen defence in the pigeon gut.
  • Electrolytes (Electral Energy) is very helpful in dehydration and aid in heat and stress management, digestion, and nutrition absorption of pigeon.
Composition: Each 100 grams contains
  •  Sodium Chloride : 1.5 gm
  • Potassium Chloride : 5.0 gm
  • Glycine : 3.5 gm
  • Manganese Sulphate : 6.5 gm
  • Magnesium Sulphate : 1.7 gm
  • Calcium Lactate : 1.5 gm
  • Sodium Bicarbonate : 1.0 gm
  • Sodium Citrate : 2.5 gm
  • Vitamin C : 1.2 gm
  • Calcium Hypophosphite :0.8 gm
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus:2500 million CFU
  • In Instant Energy Base :q.s.
  • Pigeons: 10 gm with 500 ml of water.
  • 250 gm, 500 gm
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