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Growel Toxin Binder : A Broad Spectrum Mycotoxin Binder with Feed Acidifiers for Horses and Equines

Benefits of Mycotoxin Binder (Growel Toxin Binder) for Horses and Equines :
  • Growel Toxin Binder has been formulated from specific ingredients that may bind harmful mycotoxins in the horse’s digestive tract during periods of high mycotoxin contamination. Toxin Binder is designed to attach to the polar and non-polar mycotoxins.
  • Growel Toxin Binder toxins can significantly reduce or hamper the growth of fungi and molds in horse feed.
  • Growel Toxin Binder can play a significant role in the reduction of toxins in horse’ feed.
  • Growel Toxin Binder is instrumental in livestock production for minimizing the effects of horse’ feed contaminants.
  • Growel Toxin Binder supports mycotoxin challenges, improving intestinal function and supporting the immune system of horses and equine.
Composition: Each 1 kg. contains
  • Charcoal: 8 gm
  • Formic Acid: 6 gm
  • Acetic Acid: 6 gm
  • Propionic Acid: 8 gm
  • Citric Acid: 6 gm
  • Yeast Cell Walls: 2500 mg
  • Turmeric: 1500 mg
  • Copper: 20 gm
  • Lactic Acid: 400 gm
Mixing Ratio for Feed Formulation:
  • 1 to 1.5 kg. per ton of feed
For Regular Use:
  •  large animals 30 gm with feed and small animals 15 gm with feed.
  • 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg
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