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Growel’ Guaranteed Milk Boosting Formula For Cow,Buffalo & Goat.

Milk Booster for CattleGrowel Milk Booster 

ग्रोवेल मिल्क बुस्टर

Growel’s Unique Milk-Boosting Formula :

This product can increase milk output and improve milk quality for cows, buffaloes, and goats by a minimum of 0.5 to 1 litre during both morning and evening sessions.

Additionally, it can provide numerous other benefits to livestock, including improved overall health, increased skeletal and muscular strength, better pregnancy outcomes and fertility, prevention of milk fever and rickets, and optimized fat levels in milk.

It can also boost disease resistance, speed up the healing process for wounds or cuts, and improve appetite, feed intake, and digestion.

Formula Dosage:

For the first seven days, feed your livestock with 8-10 days of Growlive Forte.

After completing the dosage of Growlive Forte, prepare a mixture of 1 liter of Grow Cal D-3 and 100 ml of Growvit Power.

Feed 100 ml of this mixture to cows, buffaloes, and goats – 50 ml in the morning and 50 ml in the evening for the next eleven days. You will start noticing a difference from the fourth day.

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