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Growvit-A – High Potency Vitamin- A for Goat and Sheep

Benefits of Vitamin-A (Growvit-A) for Goat and Sheep:
  • Goats and sheep have several bodily functions that rely on Vitamin A. This essential nutrient is vital to maintaining healthy skin tissues, promoting bone growth, and boosting immunity in these animals.
  •  Vitamin A is crucial for good vision and joint and reproductive health. By supporting the production of antibodies that help fight infections and maintaining healthy skin cells that act as a barrier against infections.
  • Vitamin A ensures the overall health and well-being of goats and sheep.
Composition: Each 100 ml contains
  • Vitamin A : 5,00,000 IU
  • Goat and Sheep: 10 ml in morning and 10 ml in the evening
  • Small Animals : 5 ml in morning and 5 ml in the evening
  • 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, & 5 ltr
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