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Growvit-A – High Potency Vitamin- A Palmitate for Poultry

Benefits of Vitamin-A (Growvit-A) for Poultry:
  • Vitamin- (Growvit-A) is very important for poultry; it is needed for growth, the health of the eyes, and moist surfaces of the body. The deficiency of this fat-soluble vitamin causes poor growth weakness and decreases egg production.
  • Vitamin-A (Growvit-A) is required for normal growth, reproduction, and maintaining epithelial cells in good condition (skin and the linings of the digestive, reproductive, and respiratory tracts).
  • Vitamin-A deficiency (Growvit-A) causes the nutritional roup, characterized by conjunctivitis, oculonasal discharge, and eyelids stuck together with thick exudates.
  • Vitamin-A (Growvit-A) is required for the normal vision of the eyes.
  • Severe Vitamin-A (Growvit-A) deficiency not only causes blindness due to deficiency of retinene but also causes structural damage to the eyes.
Composition: Each 100 ml contains
  • Vitamin A : 5,00,000 IU
  • Poultry (For 100 Birds)
  • 10-15 ml. Layers and Breeders:15-20 ml.
  • 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, & 5 ltr
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