Layer Poultry Medicine Chart

Layer Poultry Medicine ChartLayer Poultry Medicine Chart has been prepared by renowned poultry veterinarians while keeping in mind that a healthy layer chicken bird should lay maximum and the best quality of eggs as we know that a healthy layer chicken birds need balanced nutrition with enough proteins, vitamins, minerals, calcium, hygienic water & other nutrients apart from a hygienic environment for better egg production.

One more important thing is that layer poultry birds need different nutrients at different life cycle stages. So we should keep in mind that the birds should lay the maximum best quality of eggs possible, and the birds should remain healthy.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we have prepared the following Growel’ layer poultry medicine chart :

  1. ViracleanThe shed should be cleaned three days before the arrival of Chicks at the farm, and Viraclean can be sprayed regularly inside and outside the shed for three days. All feeders, drinkers & equipment should be washed with Viraclean solutions twenty-four (24) hours before the arrival of chicks. Once birds reach the shed, Viraclean should be sprayed regularly inside and outside the shed three times a week.
  2. Aquacure: Should be mixed regularly with drinking water. Medicines also can be given with Aquacure treated water.
  3. Electral EnergyAfter chicks arrive at the farm, Electral Energy must be given three days in the morning. In summer or during any vaccine and handling stress, it should be given regularly before and after Vaccination.
  4. Respiratory Herbs: Useful as a preventive dosage from the third to the sixth day. The preventive dosages of Respiratory Herbs are one ml. for 100 birds. Under the condition of CRD and E.Coli, the dosages should be 5-10 ml for every 100 birds till recovery. It is advised to give it whenever respiratory symptoms are seen.
  5. Amino Power: Should be given from day one till getting the standard egg production curve every week. After getting the standard egg production curve, it should be given a week thrice.
  6. Growvit-A; Should be given a week thrice from the first week to four weeks.
  7. Growvit Power; Should be given with a blend of Grow B-Plex 50/50 ratio from the second week to the fifth week, thrice a week.
  8. Grow B-Plex: Should be given from the sixteenth week and continue given a week thrice till the onset of egg production and also continue weekly once for constant egg production.
  9. Growmin Forte Plus:  Should be given from the fourth week to the sixth week  thrice a week to improve general body weight
  10. Growlive Forte: Should be given a week thrice from the fourth to the sixth week.
  11. Grow Cal –D3: Should start giving from the onset of egg production and continue a week thrice for optimal quality egg production. It is advised to provide to prevent thin-shelled eggs and cracked eggs.
  12. Grow E- Sel Power: Should be given whenever the dermatitis is seen and prevent cracked and thin-shelled eggs.

These genuine products should be obtained and used per Growel Agrovet’s guidance. 

Special Notes: 

  • The Layer Poultry Medicine Chart Schedule can differ from one to three (1-3) days.
  • For best results, Growel medicine should be given from day one. Medication should be given preference in the morning.
  • If two medicines are given on the same day, one should be given in the morning and one in the evening.
  • The water should be mixed with medicines so much that all water-mixed medication should be consumed at the earliest possible time, approximately within 2-3 hours.
  • Always take care that medicines should not be wasted or left in a drinker or feeder. First, shake well all liquid medicines before every use, then mix the medicines properly with feed or water.

The proper method of feeding layer poultry medicine chart as per schedule:

  • Medicine mixed water should be kept only that bird should drink it within two to four hours.
  • Always take care that medications should not be wasted or left in a drinker or feeder.
  • For a better result, follow the medicine chart schedule from day one.
  • Usually, try to feed the medicines in the morning.
  • Shake well all liquid medicines before every use.
  • Then, mix the medication properly with feed or water.
  • Keep sufficient drinkers and feeders.

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